Heli Hiking

Heli hiking is a fantastic trip into the back country where the views abound and people are seldom seen.

Start with a helicopter ride into a remote high country station. Explore the surroundings, safe in knowledge that this is New Zealand, no predators, no people, just lovely open space. Stunning backdrops are the norm and with plenty of options its got to be one of the best activities in town. Certainly something all locals wish they could do more of.

Short or longer, easy or demanding…the choice is yours. With access to several high country stations, we can tailor the hiking experience to meet your needs and budget. Adventure Central’s heli hikes have the benefit of either hiking down to an awaiting vehicle, catching a water taxi across Lake Wakatipu or boarding a gondola back to Queenstown. Truly exclusive overnight back country hikes are available, overnighting in classic NZ mustering huts for those wanting to escape the crowds.  Or combine a heli hike with your Milford Sound Heli Scenic, landing on your mountain of choice on the return flight and make a full day of it, hiking back to civilisation.

Typical hiking duration is 3-5hrs return to Queenstown.


Options include:

  • Cecil Peak Station, across the lake from Queenstown,  it has demanding high country hikes or with a lower landing a more leisurely shoreline hike + fishing. The water taxi pick up is a lovely journey back to town or your lodge.
  • Walter Peak Station (next to Cecil Peak) boasts about its views as well, with beautiful hikes through the open countryside and well formed farm trails. Fly into the high country and hike down to the farm for a cup of tea. Later we can catch the TSS Earnslaw or Water Taxi back to Queenstown.
  • Mt Creighton Station is a beautiful and rugged hike along a ridge line running parallel with the lake. For those with a keen sense of adventure. Descent down to the road and awaiting vehicle. Again beautiful views reward the more adventurous.
  • Ben Lomond Station, closest to town offers fantastic and economical hiking high above Queenstown township. Access to the gondola and tandem paragliders make this an ideal short half day hike.
  • Mt Nicholas Station is a hunters and farmers paradise. The best views up to the head of the lake at Glenorchy and east back to Queenstown. Possible to spot deer. Fly / Fly or water taxi back to Queenstown.