Classic Kiwi Adventure

A Real New Zealand adventure. Fish, Hike, Shoot and BBQ.

Water Taxi across Lake Wakatipu to beautiful Cecil Peak Station and enjoy the splendor of this fabulously private north facing high country station. Beautifully located on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, the farm provides merino wool and meat to market. Soak up the views back to Queenstown and relax in the knowledge that there are no roads here and no people for miles around. Its yours for the day. After a tea / coffee its time to get into the adventure.

Start with some fishing on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. You’ll find a plentiful supply of brown and rainbow trout and the odd quinnet salmon cruising the shoreline and with a bit of luck we’ll have something for the BBQ. After you’ve had your fill its time to hit the trail.

Hiking along farm tracks to Cecil Peak homestead we’re bound to come across loads of sheep, but we’re looking for the ever present hare and rabbit. Considered pests in these parts, its totally acceptable to have a shot (.22)  at these quick moving and breeding animals. You’ll need a good eye and an accurate shot.

With open countryside around you have expansive views in most directions. Hiking further along the trail we’ll start to see the homestead coming into view and the end of our 10km hike is insight. Phillip and Kate Rive the runholders, can normally be found getting into some farm work and could be tempted to join us for our lunch time bbq and a chat about farm life.

While lunch gets under way there’s plenty of time for a farm tour, some more fishing off the jetty and a bit of target shooting. Enjoy your lunch and refreshments and when your ready the water taxi will come from Queenstown to collect us.

Price from $495 per person.