Heli Hiking Season is OPEN

Sometimes you know your life is good, a Milford Sound Heli Hiking Scenic is one of those times.

Nothing beats the thrill of flying over the mountains in your own Squirrel helicopter, getting a close up look at the lakes, glaciers and waterfalls that make Fiordland so special. The mountain scape is phenomenal, towering and intimating in its remoteness. On a good day its an amazing experience, sensory overload of the middle earth kind. This was one of those times. Soaking up the atmosphere on a recent trip we had the good fortune of a very closeup and friendly encounter with a Kea (the NZ mountain parrot) with the Kea advancing towards us quite close and playing up for the camera, pretty much taking the pictures, entertaining us for minutes.

You can spend a long time experiencing Fiordland and its certainly not to be rushed, hike the beaches, tip toe on the glaciers, drink from the streams, take loads of photos, soak up the experience, its exhausting. Before long we suggest lunch on a beautiful ridge top with a suitably stunning back drop, maybe a glass of wine. Relax. Life is good.

After a while you’ll feel like moving, its possible the wines gone. Best to go hiking. Jump back into the chopper and transport yourself to a preordained area to commence the hiking component. Its bye bye helicopter and into walking mode, it doesn’t take too long to realise your life is still good and the hiking is brilliant, summit a mountain or hike down towards Queenstown. It all seems possible, it is.

The trails are open, the late snows are gone and the place is looking good. Grab your helicopter and guide and head to the hills. Thanks to Seasonz Travel and Glacier Southern Lakes Helicopters for an excellent day. If you would like to book your trip get in touch and let us transport you to another world.