Wayne (Waa)

Leading a life of adventure is a firm commitment to make and Wayne has answered it whole heartedly. Working  as a teenage life guard made him serious about safety and saving people. He has done this as a ski patroller in the local mountains, river guiding white water in the summers, nature guiding on the tracks and years as film safety on many feature films and commercials made in the area. Yes LOTR, Wolverine, The Hobbit are included.

The life of adventure can also be challenging and Wayne would be the first to say he has worked some pretty interesting jobs over the years, narrowly escaping a banking career in his earlier years. Having travelled extensively (44 countries and counting) Wayne has compiled a library of stories, many worth listening too.

He is well researched and passionate on numerous topics which makes for some spirited conversation. As a guide and friend he is great company, knows the area extremely well from a “behind the scenes” perspective and is undeniably safety conscious. Great guide material. His wife Helena and 2 boys make sure he’s well presented and well grounded which is an enormous help.

Like a Swiss army knife with its tremendous utility value, he is reliable when needed to perform, sharp when required and capable beyond his looks. Which leads me to think a Swiss mountain dog would be his K9 equivalent. Obviously much better off in the fur department but no doubt a sensitive, loyal and an extremely devoted family companion.

We are incredibly happy to have Wayne on our team and look forward to sending him out with you or your clients.