Mike (Mike)


Quite possibly a freak of nature. He possesses an unnatural amount of energy and has packed an astonishing amount of adventure into his young years.  If he was an animal he would be a Jack Russell, confident in his ability and dedicated to chasing a good time.

Having been involved in the adventure tourism game for 20 years he has a wealth of knowledge on a unfair amount of subjects and a motivation to match. Always up for a mission or adventure his personality and energy is contagious and you’ll find yourself sweep away on a wave of enthusiasm.

Having been a successful athlete in the early days of sailing and wind surfing, he moved to Queenstown and set up a successful adventure tourism business as well as a events management company.  He sold his businesses heading to the Mediterranean to Skipper yachts for the rich and famous, possibly a natural move for someone so comfortable in the water and chasing a good time (being single as he was). Ofcourse we all know you can’t go on like that for ever and the natural draw of NZ worked its magic. Plus he was really getting a bit old and still single…he also needed a good woman.

Now back in Queenstown and a dedicated and motivated family man, as usual it wasn’t good enough to just have children… he started Zig Zag Zoo in the child care industry and is opening his second branch this year.  Occasionally driving jet boats and promoting Stand Up Paddleboarding in his spare time, he’d rather do the guiding work looking for more adventures. An unbridled desire to have as much fun as he can pack in makes Mike a pleasure to be around. Just like a faithful Jack Russell.