Mark (Woody)

Woody as we know him, is a lucky bugger and a good guy to be around. Numerous years of mountain guiding have instilled a confident, calm demeanor that is respectful and reserved sometimes, but often boils over in rabid excitement at the sheer joy of life. Having led a large part of his life in the mountains, its always reassuring to be adventuring with Woody. You’ve got luck on your side.

Not one to brag, he takes a little coaxing to start chatting about his Everest guiding work, now in its 10th year with Himex. In the elite of NZ climbers, he has now climbed Everest 8 times. With his other high altitude peaks and New Zealand peaks, thats a serious amount of time at the “sharp end”, as they say. Invaluable company and incredibly dependable, kind of like a labrador, with much bigger calves.

As a well respected climber, Woody gets involved in mountain safety work on commercials, offers presentations on his climbs and works every winter heli skiing in the local area as well as a few weeks heliskiing in Kashmir. Not a bad life one would say, with maybe a few too many nights in a cold tent.

When he’s off the mountain, he rightfully enjoys sleeping in a real bed, taking the boat out and going water skiing with the family or taking a casual bike ride around the lake. Nothing better than that.