John (JT)

With several careers behind him already its only fitting that he now works as a guide, something that suits his people friendly personality and adventurous spirit. It made sense to come to Queenstown after finishing university in Dunedin. Initially flirting with rafting and kayaking, he got caught up in the early days of bungy and went travelling the globe as a bungy master for AJ Hackett, thus fueling his travel needs.

A few international guiding jobs appeared on the horizon and gave him some great dinner table conversation about skiing, cycling, trekking and climbing in Nepal, Africa, Borneo, USA and South America. OK he did win the Nepalese XC Mountain Bike championship in 2001 and represent NZ in DH mountain biking, but its best to not ask to many questions as it isn’t good for him to talk about himself. Not bad company apart from that and certainly capable enough in the outdoors. I guess if he was to be a K9, he might have started as a whippet and morphed into a golden retriever guide dog with a penchant for looking after folks.

Upon returning to Queenstown he launched into the tourism industry, safety kayaking, guiding hiking trips, heli ski guiding, etc the usual list of dream jobs, before helping set up and run the first executive guiding company in Queenstown. Interspersed with working on films and commercials (notably a double for Aragon in a very very tiny scene in LOTR) he was generally considered to be “living the dream” although getting on in years. He needed to find a good woman and with luck almost never leaving his side he found her.

Now living the family man dream, he has 2 kids, a loving wife Jess, 2 dogs, 1 cat and continues to keep active and involved in the Queenstown area. Considered the founder of Adventure Central, he’s just happy to be out guiding, or looking after the kids (just in case your reading this Jess).