Natively born, bred and trained, our guides are part of the Adventure Central network because they’re the best in the business. These specially selected guides are foremost “decent blokes” and come with a good dose of kiwi humility and know how. We reckon they know what they’re doing, respect the environment and can hold conversations on most subjects with an articulate and knowledgeable base of information. No dummies or show ponies here.

Amongst the crew are super yacht captains, mulitple everest summiters, international bike champions, windsurfing + SUP stars, fishing + hunting experts, wanna be golfers and ofcourse super partners with a gaggle of children to support. Good people. If needed most also front up for Search and Rescue exercises and as such have an intimate knowledge of the area. It helps they can also remember a few good stories as well.

If you would like to have a particular guide to host you through your day, please specify on the contact form.